Know about BIS Hallmark

Know about BIS Hallmark

BIS Hallmark is one of the important way of checking the purity of the precious yellow metal which you are going buy with your hard-earned money. Government of India recognises Hallmark certification as a reliable mode for checking the purity and standard of gold.

This Hallmark is a symbol which is going to assure you that the jewellery you buy contains gold which has been evaluated and the international standard of purity is adhered. Due to increase in malpractices and adulteration in the jewellery industry, Hallmarking would prevent considerable amount these activities.

Bureau of Indian Standards cross checks the jewellers constantly from time to time inorder to prevent adulteration and malpractices. The licences of the jewellers would be cancelled if found guilty.

Impotant parts of Hallmark should be present before u make a purchase of the gold. These are mandatory features which needs to be present in a genuine gold jewellery.

BIS Standard Mark is the first feature you need to check.

Fineness mark will be the second which you need to notice. There are numbers which are inscribed in the inner side of jewellery denoting the fineness of gold. By looking at these numbers one could easily say the carat of gold, provided he has good memory of all the numbers with their corresponding purity of metal.

The fineness mark of 958 is used to indicate 23 carat gold. Fineness mark of 916 is the one which we commonly know indicates 22 carat gold while 875, 750, 585 and 375 indicate 21, 18, 14 and 9 carat gold respectively.

Third point which you need to notice is the logo of the assaying centre which is involved in the certification process. Inorder to know whether the centre is a genuine one, you can verify the logo by visiting the BIS website where the list of hallmarking centres with their logos are available.

The last thing which you need to be aware is the year of making of the jewellery which will be denoted by a code which is BIS approved. For example Letter 'A' denotes the year 2000, 'B' 2001, 'C' denotes the year 2002 and so on.

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